VOORTMAN VSB RANGE The Voortman VP Range painting machine is designed to automatically paint steel plates and profiles. The VP Range can be combined with other Voortman surface treatment machines, such as a blow-off unit, pre-heater, shot blasting machine, and a drying tunnel. Combining surface treatment machines in one connected line increases production output while reducing required floor space. Shot blasting machine POŠLJITE POVPRAŠEVANJE
Plate width (max)

2.5 m

Turbine diameter

380 mm


4/6 pcs

Power per turbine

15 kw




Complete surface treatment line

Voortman offers a complete surface treatment line that prepares your products for storage and/or further processing. The VP Primer and VSB Shot blaster can be placed back-to-back to save time, costs and handling space requirements in your production facility. The surface treatment line can be placed at the beginning or end of a Voortman processing line depending on the line’s purpose and goal, workshop layout and steel conditions.


If necessary, a pre-heater and drying tunnel can be added to the surface treatment line. Depending on your output requirements and the size of the profiles, a surface treatment line can be chosen to match. The line is completely autonomous with automatic infeed and outfeed, allowing your operators to focus on feeding and unloading the system.


Voortman VP Range
VSB1500-4/15 VSB1500-6/15 VSB2500-6/15
Entrance dimensions mm 1.600 x 600 1.600 x 600 2.600 x 600
Plate width mm 1.500 1.500 2.600 x 600
Profiles mm 1.000 x 300 1.000 x 300 1.000 x 300
Turbines pcs 4 6 6
Turbine diameter mm 380 380 380
Power per turbine kW 15 15 15
Blasting speed m/min 1,3 – 1,8 1,3 – 2,9 1,3 – 1,8

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