VOORTMAN V807 The Voortman VP Range painting machine is designed to automatically paint steel plates and profiles. The VP Range can be combined with other Voortman surface treatment machines, such as a blow-off unit, pre-heater, shot blasting machine, and a drying tunnel. Combining surface treatment machines in one connected line increases production output while reducing required floor space. Robotic beam and profile cutting POŠLJITE POVPRAŠEVANJE

Free to cut any shape faster than ever before


The V807 robotic profile processor is capable of processing nearly any kind of shape that needs to be produced. Rat holes, seismic structural design connections (like slotted web and “dog bone” cuts), copes at the start or end of a product, block outs, holes in every size and shape, weld preparations and marking on all 4 sides are just some examples of possible cuts the V807’s robot can process thermally.

Processes like drilling, milling, sawing and acetylene cutting can either restrict the range of operations or be quite time-consuming compared to robotic plasma processing. In many cases the V807 can be not only an efficient replacement for these processes combined, but it can provide even more possibilities for future growth while increasing the speed of processing.

Handle heavy beams with a wide reach for cutting & marking

The Voortman V807 uses hydraulics for powerful clamping and perfect alignment on heavier raw stock. The use of hydraulics makes it possible to handle beams up to 15.000 kg (33,000 lbs.).


The Voortman V600 is able to change up to 5 tools suitable for drilling, thread-tapping, countersinking and centerpoint marking. This amount of tools increases your flexibility and freedom in carrying out a diverse range of processes with the V600.


The V807 robot has full reachability on all sides for beams up to 1050 mm (42″) width, which easily covers the capacity for most structural steel fabricators. In the rare case a significant part of your production are beams bigger than 1050 mm (42″) there is the option to go for a Voortman V808 which will process beams up to 1250 mm (50″).
Reaching the underside of products requires no additional turning or manual positioning. The machine can layout mark all four sides of profiles to save time and cost in the assembly area of your workshop. When marking only three sides an assembly worker would still need to preform manual measurements on the fourth side of the profile. The V807 give you that significant advantage over your competition.

One Stop Shop

With greater versatility comes greater economic advantages. Robotic plasma processing offers fabricators hard-to-beat cost savings over separate solutions for drilling, milling, sawing, punching, shearing and marking. Combining all of these processes in one machine not only saves you the financial investment of needing multiple machines with individual functions, but also requires much less space on your workshop, since the V807 has a very small footprint.

The Voortman V807 is an ideal foundation for future growth capabilities. All Voortman machines operate with the same standard VACAM control software, so when more capacity is needed as you grow your business, the V807 can easily combine with other Voortman machines in a fully automated and integrated production system.

Operating width (min)

50 mm

Robotic arm axes

7 axes

Operating width (max)

1.050 mm

Positioning weight (max)

15.000 kg


Fast profile measuring

The V807 robotic thermal profile processor uses a measuring sensor attached to the cutting torch nozzle for fast, reliable and precise measurements. During the cutting process the difference between actual and theoretical dimensions are automatically compensated in the machine parameters to ensure the most accurate product possible. To speed up the process even more, the coping robot only measuring the sides of the profile that will actually be processed.

Processing and layout marking on all four sides

Automated marking saves time and cost in the assembly area of your workshop, and the V807 can automatically mark all four sides of the profile with its ability to completely reach all sides of the material, even the underside. When marking only three sides, assembly employees still need to perform manual measurements on the fourth side of the profile. That’s why the Voortman V807 was designed to reach across the entire cutting area to create the most automated plasma cutting machine in its class.

Breakthrough rotational axis design

Maximizing reachability in a minimal footprint was the goal when designing the V807. Voortman engineers developed an innovative rotational axis design for the robotic arm mount. Rack and pinion guides use a high-end servo motor for absolute accuracy and speed. The calibrated Stäubli robot is attached to the rotational disc directly under the rack and pinion guides and bearings, eliminating any momentum concerns on the external axis.

Roller feed system with secure clamping and accurate measuring

The V807 roller feed measurement and clamping system locks profiles in exact position and maintains alignment throughout processing. Hours of production can be saved with a roller feed measuring system compared to a pusher/gripper truck which needs to go back and forth for loading the next profiles. Voortman’s roller feed system can operate with full automation within a standard range of profile processing when using Voortman’s automated in-feed cross transports, with enough stability and support to properly position and process beams up to 15.000 kg (33,000 lbs).

Efficient nesting & low scrap

Many plasma cutting robots require a perfectly trim cut after finishing a product before it can start processing the next piece, but the V807 doesn’t need to perform a trim cut. The V807 can import DSTV+ files or use VACAM’s beam nesting module to create continuous nestings and get the most product from each stock length to reduce costs.

Full profile reach and increased cutting quality from robot

The V807 is equipped with an agile, 7-axis cutting robot that’s able to reach and process the full maximum width of profiles within the machine’s range. The welded structure incorporating two external axes increases cutting quality from tried and tested machine components. Voortman programs the robot in a way that it always maneuvers in the most stable position, which also improves cutting quality.

Maintenance & Service

The V807 was designed to provide easier access for maintenance and service. All areas of the machine are accessible directly or through service hinges, and the rotational axis has metal covers to keep dust and sparks away from the rack and pinion and motor. The cutting robot is completely enclosed, and cable chains and the gas connection box for the plasma unit are placed on top of the machine, away from the cutting zone. All hydraulic hoses are metal-shielded, and lubrication points that need to be maintained by an operator have been reduced to a minimum.

Camera and Recording

The V807 is equipped with a HD web camera and recording device for continuous production monitoring. The live stream video can be viewed by your operator as an alternative to looking through the window of the machine or shared with other people in your company, like the works office for more direct insight to the uptime of the machine. The camera stores months of production footage so it can be shared with the Voortman service team in case any issues occur that require a deeper analysis. It immensely helps the operator clearly communicate which events led to the specific situation.

State-of-the-art user experience

The V807 comes with an updated user interface with direct access buttons for the most critical machine functions for a pleasant and accessible working area for your operators. A full-side keyboard comes with the control panel on the machine and the control touch-screen was made for durability and reliability when functioning in any environment.

Xtensive Hole Performance

Voortman’s Xtensive Hole Performance optimizes holes and inner contours with high-definition plasma cutting, results in laser-like cutting results. To achieve this standard, Voortman further optimized Hypertherm® True Hole™ specifically for V807 movements. Xtensive Hole Performance is used on small-to-medium slot holes and square inner contours.


The most versatile application process in most cases is coping and the machine capable of being as close to a “all-in-one” solution as possible is a robotic plasma processor. Rat holes, seismic structural design connections like jay-allan and “dog bone” cuts, copes at the lead or trail end of a product, block outs, holes in any size, weld preparations, marking on all sides – all are possible to process with a plasma unit and a robot.

Full automatic profile transportation is provided in order to integrate the machine to a fully automatic MSI beam line. Our/The VACAM software controls the sensored drag-dogs or liftables, transporting profiles onto the infeed roller conveyor and from the outfeed roller conveyor. Selected products will automatically be produced out of the trading lengths. The cross-transports are able to handle multiple profiles, allowing the machine to operate autonomously for a considerable amount of time.

Our in-house developed VACAM software is known for its high performance regarding automated material handling and buffer management. Active buffer management secures a priority position for the first profile in line while buffering following profiles. By continuously shifting profiles toward the datum line, new profiles can be loaded onto the handling system where the datum line is always provided with material. This significantly increases your productivity and efficiency, since machines are not waiting in idle mode for a next profile or production batch.

One push of the button is all it takes to get your production done. After importing industry standard DSTV or DSTV+ (pre-nested) files into the processing list of our VACAM Software, your operator can fully focus on loading and unloading the system. No manual intervention is needed in order to keep up with the production speed of the machines.

To enable constant and efficient production, VACAM offers your operators a comprehensive and easy-to-use interface. One of VACAM’s key features is the clear separation between work preparation, production and manual machine operation activities. For each mode of use, the required functions and data are available at your fingertips, enabling you to perform tasks in the right environment. VACAM Control software is known in the industry for its consolidated graphical representation of your production process. With VACAM, you have a clear overview of the process, production status and instant access to online assistance if required.

Every machine is equipped with our in-house developed VACAM control software. All machines share the same “look-and-feel” which significantly reduces your learning curve. Within VACAM’s open platform, production data can easily be exchanged with third party ERP and MRP software, providing up-to-date insight in the progress of your projects. VACAM provides a real-time graphical representation of your workflows and processes and analyses imported products instantly. The software automatically suggests the best solution for any foreseeable problems. This way, your production is not interrupted resulting in increased efficiency and runtime of the system.

The VACAM software also comes with an Office Edition. VACAM Office Edition runs in a similar way as VACAM Control and Operating software and is dedicated to preparing your products into producible items. The user interface is focused on the preparation activities and also provides real-time insights in the material load on the system enabling you to monitor your production process. With VACAM Office, production information is available throughout the entire company.

The integrated VACAD Editor enables your operators to improve output by creating products or quickly improve and correct the product. The interface is easy to understand with straight-forward functionality. Operators will be able to take full advantage of the VACAD Editor and VACAM after a few days with the Voortman trainers.


Versality in its best forms

The V807 is incredibly versatile and can be part of a complete new layout including roller conveyors and cross-transports connected to other Voortman processing machines, or as a stand-alone processing center. We’ll work with you to come up with a solution for any situation you face – including implementation into an existing production line, or outside loading and roller conveyors. The roller-feed measuring system is completely integrated in the machine housing and offers complete freedom for planning and expansion in your workshop. You can start with a small layout and easily extend the machine with more automated logistics or add complementary machines at a later time as your business grows. Voortman makes machines that can grow with your company seamlessly when extra capacity is needed without increasing labor costs.

Full automation in a modular split system

Reduce laber costs and increase efficiency
MSI, also referred to as Multi System Integration, opens the door to fully automate your production by connecting machines with cross transports, roller conveyors, product buffers, and material sensors. Production data only needs to be imported once and then MSI automatically distributes the data to all machines integrated in your production system.

VACAM decides optimal material route
Based on the production on hand, customer preferences and the available machinery in the MSI-line, VACAM automatically decides the optimal route to reach the highest efficiency. MSI designates the end of transporting raw profiles and semi-finished products from machine to machine. MSI stands for one integrated production system. You can track and monitor every profile, product and future planning in real time by using VACAM, Voortman’s proprietary CNC control software installed on every machine.

Designing your optimal layout
Together with you, the Voortman team designs the entire layout based on your current or expected production characteristics, such as type of profiles, product length, number of processes, hours in your work week and budget.
An integral plan to keep your production line safe and up and running
After installing a machine or production line, Voortman installs a net of safety measures. These safety measures comprise of light curtains, emergency cords and emergency stop buttons. Voortman has made it one of its priorities to deliver a safe production line, yet not hold up production if the operator needs to enter the safe zone. This is accomplished by using gated light curtains allowing loading and unloading while the machines continue processing, and by delivering remote controls with a kill switch that operators can use when carrying out tasks inside the safety zone.


Voortman V807
Working widthmm1.050
Working heightmm460
Working lengthmm
Machine widthmm3.710
Machine heightmm2.680
Machine lengthmm3.110
Machine weightkg8.650
Axis(4 sides)6+1
Max. positioning weightkg15.000
Max. robot air speedm/sec11,6
Max. speed feeder rollsm/min60
Fume extraction unit specsmm 
Lengthdisc marking – 36 characters, automatic selection1.400
Fan volumetric flowratemm4.000
Separation efficiencyµm99,999% *0,5
Max sound leveldBa75
Number of filters 4
Filtersurface per filterm217,65

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