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VOORTMAN V505-160T The Voortman VP Range painting machine is designed to automatically paint steel plates and profiles. The VP Range can be combined with other Voortman surface treatment machines, such as a blow-off unit, pre-heater, shot blasting machine, and a drying tunnel. Combining surface treatment machines in one connected line increases production output while reducing required floor space. Angle punching and shearing POŠLJITE POVPRAŠEVANJE
Angle steel (min)

35×4 mm

Punch capacity

80 tonnes

Angle steel (max)

160×19 mm

Positioning speed

110 m/min




Real-time demo

Check out the fastest angle line with this real-time processing demo. The Voortman V505-160T is developed to optimize material efficiency by minimizing scrap while providing high quality processing results.

  • Feeding raw length from cross-transports on to roller conveyor
  • Searching and gripping material
  • Front measurement
  • 42x- punched hole ø13 mm (ø1/2”)
  • 36x- punched hole ø18 mm (ø11/16”)
  • 4x- shearing cut
  • 3x- outfeed of a long part from tilting conveyor to outfeed position
  • 1x- outfeed of a short part in the bin
  • Drop of the rest length before the shear
  • Measuring truck back to the waiting position, ready for the next raw length

Product fabrication time

It took only 3 minutes and 30 seconds to perform all actions listed above in the sample.


Voortman V505-160T
Angle steel mm 35 x 4 – 160 x 19
Positioning Servo motors 110
Positioning speed m/min 22
Hydraulic unit kW 350
Hydraulic pressure bar 175
Hydraulic flow l/min 2 x 3
Punches 80
Punch capacity 245
Angle shear tonnes 4,500
Punch weight kg 2,500
Shear weight kg
Marking unit (optional) barrel marking – 8 cassettes, 13 characters each, disc marking – 36 characters, automatic selection
Operating software VACAM, DSTV/DSTV+, CAD Editor

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