VOORTMAN V325 With a massive drilling head and 20-station automatic toolchanger, the Voortman V325 is a must-have heavy plate drilling, cutting and milling machine. It’s capable of processing thick plate steel up to 100 mm (4”) and drilling holes up to 70 mm (2-3/4”), saving you time compared to milling large diameter holes in heavy plates. Rapidly increase your capacity and level of automation with features like automatic part removal, automatic deburring, 3D plasma bevel and oxy-fuel 4.0 cutting. You can count on the V325 to be the workhorse your production facility needs to grow.

Heavy plate drilling, cutting & milling (passthrough) POŠLJITE POVPRAŠEVANJE
Operating length (max)

12 m

Operating width (max)

3 m

Plate thickness (max)

100 mm

Drill diamtere (max)

70 mm





Voortman V325
Operating range mm 3,050 x 6,100 3,050 x 9,100 3,050 x 12,100
Thickness mm 6 – 100
Drilling and positioning Servo motors
Positioning speed X mm/min 30,000
Positioning speed Y mm/min 27,000
Positioning speed Z mm/min 30
Positioning weight kg 9000
Marking milling/plasma
Drilling and plasma 3D bevel units Nm 610
Speed drill head rpm (stepless) 0 – 3,500
Tool changer 2 x 10
Drill holder SK50
Drill diameter mm 5 – 70
Thread tapping M6 – M36
Plasma up to (amp) 400
Oxy-fuel 1
Machine weight (base) kg 14,000

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